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Welcome to Purlsafe.

Welcome to PURLSAFE, the name for safety glass film.

We have a wide range of products for glass safety related issues. You'll also find some very usefull information about legislation and some handy tips.

Safety Window Film

Safety Window Film
100 micron film for general purpose

Combined Safety & Solar window film

Comb. Safety & Solar
Two purposes, one film! 100 micron film

Bomb balst window film

Bomb Blast Film
175 micron film, also known as "bomb blast film"

Mirror Safety Window Film

Mirror Safety Film
Protective film designed to back mirrors

Anti Vandal window film

Anti Vandal Film
Protects your glass from graffiti & scratching

Security Window Film

Security Window Film
Glass protection against smash & grab

Window Glass Manifestations

Glass Manifestations
Make sure that large expanses of glass are clearly noticeable



Latest News

We now stock anti vandal and security film. You can buy the film by the metre or by the roll. For our UK wide installation, please go to

New Products

Safety Window Film
Perofrated Window FilmGlass protection against smash & grabn read more

Mirror Safety Film
Perofrated Window FilmProtective film designed to back mirrors read moret

Video Tutorial

Perofrated Window FilmWe have put together a couple of short films to demonstrate how easy it is to install window film and glass manifestations > please click